June 2012

Consideration of conservation area status for Ranworth

Broadland District Council will attend the next meeting of the Parish Council, on Wednesday, 11th July at 7.30 p.m. to explain their proposal to designate most of Ranworth as a conservation area.  Please come along to find out more and to ask questions about the proposal.  This is at a very early stage in discussions. Broadland District Council wants to find out the Parish Council’s view on the proposal and will then carry out parish-wide consultation on the idea, so you will all get the opportunity to comments in full at a later date.

We shall be delivering this flyer around the village



Olympic torch relay leaflet

information leaflet

9th May 2012

9th May 2012

Annual Parish Meeting 2012 – draft minutes

Annual Parish Meeting May 2012 – draft

Chairman’s Report 2012