October 2015

04 11 2015 Public agenda

Postwick junction reaches key stage

Warning of major traffic flow changes

Big changes in local traffic flows around the A47 Postwick junction come into effect this week, with peak hour delays likely around Broadland Business Park and the new Postwick Hub access roads from Friday (16 October) 2015 as the project shifts into the final phases.

The A47 will be closed on Thursday and Friday night. Diversions will be relatively painless via the slip roads, except for eastbound traffic on Thursday night (15th), when traffic will be diverted on to the A146 at Trowse, going via the A143 and A12 to re-join the A47 at Vauxhall roundabout, Gt Yarmouth.

07 10 2015 Draft minutes

07 10 2015 Public agenda