Data Audit 2018


The Parish Council holds the following personal data for the reasons stated below:

1 Community SpeedWatch volunteers.

This data is held by the Community SpeedWatch Co-ordinator and is used to contact scheme volunteers about speed watch sessions.

The following information is held: Names and telephone numbers.

This information is held only for the time that each individual is a volunteer and is immediately destroyed when that person ceases to volunteer for the scheme.

2 Individuals who are eligible to receive a Christmas hamper from the Shelroy Trust.

The Parish Council provides the Trust (an independent charity) with the names, addresses and dietary requirements of these individuals. This data is held until the person moves out of the parish or becomes ineligible for any other reason.

3 Parish Councillors

All parish councillors and the parish clerk have full contact details for each other. In addition, the names of all parish councillors are listed on the council website. This information is destroyed and removed from the parish council website once an individual ceases to be a member of the council. The full contact details of the parish clerk are considered to be in the public domain and therefore not covered by the GDPR.

4 The Electoral role

The parish clerk and some parish councillors hold an electronic copy of the electoral roll. This information is in the public domain and therefore easily accessible and is not covered by the GDPR.

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