Meetings in 2019

The Parish Council meets every month apart from August and December. The meetings are usually on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30 and take place at either Ranworth or Woodbastwick village halls. All residents are very welcome to attend and each meeting includes a time for residents to raise issues that effect them.

The meetings in 2019 will take place on:

Wednesday 9th of January in Woodbastwick village hall (a change to the usual date to allow for the Christmas break)

Wednesday 6th of February in Ranworth village hall.

Wednesday 6th of March in Woodbastwick village hall.

Wednesday 3rd of April in Ranworth village hall.

As we are in an election year, May’s meeting must be held after the elections.  Therefore, this meeting will be held on 7th May 2019.  The Annual Parish Meeting will start first at 7.30pm and the Annual Council Meeting will follow from 7.45pm onwards.  Both meetings will take place at Woodbastwick Village Hall.

Wednesday 5th of June in Ranworth village hall.

Wednesday 3rd of July Woodbastwick village hall.

Wednesday 4th September in Ranworth village hall.

Wednesday 2nd of October Woodbastwick village hall.

Wednesday 6th of November in Ranworth village hall.

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