Woodbastwick Village Hall

Woodbastwick Village Hall is there for everybody living in Woodbastwick and Panxworth.  It is a community asset which can accommodate 120 people for weddings, fundraisers, parties, etc.

It has all the necessary facilities, a well equipped kitchen, tables and chairs, an excellent dance floor and toilets, including for the disabled.

 The Hall hosts a thriving indoor bowls club in the winter months and has a well maintained bowling green managed by the outdoor bowls club during the summer months

 There is plenty of parking space.

 The Woodbastwick Mens Club meets regularly on a Monday in the winter and has a full size billiard table, table tennis, dartsboards etc for the use of members

Woodbastwick Parish Council meets bi-monthly on the first Wednesday and is open to public participation.

 To contact people who can help your enquiries please call:

 For all bowling queries: Norma Jablonowski on 01603 270570

For Mens Club queries: Stephen Saunders on 01603 721508

For Booking queries:     Kit Cator on 01603 720276


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