The Year Ahead
Due to the first Wednesday of 2020 falling so close to New Year, the Council’s first meeting of 2020 has been moved to Wednesday, 8th January at 7.30pm in Woodbastwick Village Hall.

Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2021

Agenda ACM 050521

April Agendas

Annual Parish Meeting from 7.30pm

Agenda APM 07042021 Agenda 07042021

Ordinary Council Meeting to follow from 8pm.

Agenda 07042021

Agenda March 2021

Agenda 03032021

Agenda February 2021

Agenda 03022021

Agenda Oct 2020 Zoom Meeting

Agenda 07102020

Agenda – Zoom Meeting August 2020

Agenda 05082020

Agenda July 2020

Agenda 01072020

March Agenda

Agenda 04032020

This agenda has been revised to account for the public interest in Planning Application No: 20200302, this will allow for public opinion and for residents to leave early if they wish.

February 2020

Agenda 05022020

Agenda January 2020

Agenda 080120