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Coronavirus Update

In light of the outbreak of Coronavirus and current guidelines, the Parish Council have decided to adjourn the Annual Parish Meetings in April, together with the upcoming meeting in May.

We will publish the next meeting date as soon as guidance permits.

In the meantime, please see support from your local communities, call NHS Direct on 111 if you think you may be exhibiting symptoms or visit for advice.

There are local support groups springing up across Facebook if anyone urgently needs groceries or other assistance.

South Walsham, Panxworth and Upton


Community Heroes

Congratulations to the Panxworth Community Speedwatch Team who were runners up in the Community Heroes Award 2019. Well Done Peter, Derek and Dobby!

New November Meeting Date

The revised date for the next ordinary Parish Council meeting is Wednesday, 20th November at 7.30pm at Ranworth Village Hall.  Please come along and see what we do, we still have 1 vacancy on the Council if you’d like to join?!


Due to Councillors’ availability, it is with regret that tonight’s meeting is cancelled.  We will publicise a new date as soon as it is confirmed.  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Parish Council Vacancy

Notice_of_Casual_Vacancy__Woodbastwick_within_6_months_of_ordinary_elections_12_February_2019 (1)

Following a resignation, Woodbastwick (Inc. Ranworth and Panxworth) Parish Council has a councillor vacancy.

Both Ranworth and Panxworth are well represented at the Council, so a resident in Woodbastwick would be ideal, however, you can apply to be a councillor if you live within 3 miles of the Parish!

We meet regularly, on the 1st Wednesday evening of each month at 7.30pm, at either Woodbastwick or Ranworth village halls.  Meetings last no longer than 1.5 hours.  Please take a look at our ‘Meetings’ page to see the topics we consult on.

If you would like any information on being a Councillor, please contact us or Broadland District Council on 01603 431133.

Wherry Maud art exhibition at Ranworth village hall 6th and 7th May

Wherry Maud art exhibition

Sunday May 6th  & Monday May 7th 2018
Art Show in Ranworth Village Hall. Local artists and photographers will offer their work for sale. Trustees of Wherry Maud Trust are organising this event as a fundraiser.

Overnight roadworks starting Monday 30 April: A47 westbound – Postwick interchange to Ipswich Road, Norwich

A47 westbound, Postwick interchange to Ipswich Road, Norwich: survey  works

Kier will be completing survey works at the above location, on behalf of Highways England. These surveys will allow them to investigate potential issues, and programme any future works necessary to maintain the existing infrastructure. Whilst in the area, they will also utilise this closure to perform pothole repair works.

The work is planned to be completed over ten nights, from Monday 30 April, with working hours of 9pm until 6am, weeknights only, weather permitting. A full closure of A47 westbound between Postwick interchange and Ipswich Road will be in place.

 Diversion Route

Traffic will be diverted via the A1270 onto the NDR, Wroxham Road, A11 Newmarket Road, before re-joining the A47 at Thickthorn interchange.

Find out more

To stay informed about all the latest major roadworks happening near you, visit to register for the latest alerts. If you have any enquiries please contact the Highways England Customer Contact Centre on 0300 123 5000, or by e-mail to [email protected]


Annual Parish Meeting 2018

The 2018 Annual Meeting of the Parishes will be held at Woodbastwick Village Hall on Wednesday 2nd of May at 7.30pm, and will be followed by the Annual Parish Council Meeting. All residents are very welcome to attend. It is an excellent opportunity to meet your councillors and your chance to raise local issues.

Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting

APM May 2018

Minutes of the 2017 Annual Parish Meeting

APM minutes 2017

Report To Parishes – Spring 2018 From Frank O’Neill – Broadland District Councillor

In this note I bring the latest news on the Five Year Land Supply and the Call in Procedure at Broadland District Council.
Might I ask clerks to copy this to all members and if possible attach my note on call ins on your web site
The Five Year Land Supply
Many will know that Broadland District Council has updated its performance targets and perhaps for the first time is able to demonstrate a Five Year Land Supply across the board.
Those within the Norwich Policy Area (as was) know full well that failure to achieve the target requirements introduced two adverse consequences.
First the goalposts were artificially moved by adding a percentage makeweight to the target requirements for persistent underachievers. This is now gone.
Second the NPPF – National Planning Policy Framework document – directed that planning policies for underachievers were/are deemed to be out of date. The effect was that regardless of local plan policies (ie the Joint Core Strategy) carpetbagger developers were able to secure permissions not otherwise achievable. Blofield Brundall Hemblington and Hethersett have suffered particularly.
This is no longer true. Since we now have a Five Year Land Supply – planners concede an oversupply (!) of 8.08 years – our local plan (the JCS) will apply across this Ward. Recently you have had the opportunity to vote on the proposals for the Greater Norwich Development Plan which will in time replace the JCS
The effect of this important development was demonstrated at the Planning committee meeting on 28th March in respect of an application relating to eight dwellings in Blofield Corner Road.
The Committee had previously resolved to approve the application. I opposed. The Committee had little choice at the first hearing but to resolve to grant permission. The rules concerning the five year land supply – as they were then known required it that way.
When it came back to Committee on the 28th March Consent was refused, This was because we now have a Five Year Land Supply. Accordingly the policies in the JCS were able to apply.
This outcome is of equal relevance to outline planning permissions previously granted. They will lapse where detailed consent has not been obtained (I think within two years). If application is made for renewal JCS and/or the Neighbourhood Plan may defeat the application.
This is particularly good news for Blofield, Blofield Heath and Hemblington. I don’t think other parishes were greatly moved by the possible consequences – but it might have gone the other way. That did not happen so all is as before and all is well.
Report To Parishes – Spring 2018 Continued
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The Call In Procedure
The procedure in Broadland enables any district councillor to require a planning application to be determined
by the Planning Committee and not an officer. I am told a determination by committee increases the cost tenfold.
No matter.
Personally I expect to support any resident who requires a call in. The major difficulty in a successful request
is the time limit. Often when I am approached I find I am already out of time. The rules are opaque, not
widely known and discourage requests.
Changes can be made by the Standard Committee. The Committee is formed of elected district members and
co-opted parish members. At a recent meeting I attempted to secure transparency. I could not find one of the
members to support my proposed changes even though they were for their benefit.
In case it is of assistance the following note sets out my requirements when I am asked to seek a call in.
To meet BDC requirements
1. Have your planning consultant check with the Case Officer to ensure we are still in time. There are strict
time limits. Often when I am approached it is already too late.
2. Give thought to the reason I must give for my seeking the call in.
For my purposes
3. I would like to inspect the site with you or your advisors
4. Please confirm you or your advisors will speak at the planning committee meeting regardless of other
commitments that day
Also please
5. Confirm it would be acceptable for me to bring a member of the relevant local parish council to the site
Either in the case of an Applicant requesting a Call in
6. Say if you would be satisfied by a call in limited to where officers intend to refuse consent. I am told the
cost to the ratepayer of a planning hearing is ten times that of an officer determination. No matter.
However; it will save public money if you do not require a call in where they intend to grant consent
Or in the case of an Opponent requesting a Call in
6. Say if you would be satisfied by a call in limited to where officers intend to grant consent. I am told the
cost to the ratepayer of a planning hearing is ten times that of an officer determination. No matter.
However; it will save public money if you do not require a call in where they intend to refuse consent
While I am open to persuasion you will understand that in arranging a call in I do not necessarily agree with
the person requesting be (s)he applicant or opponent.
Frank O’Neill